I’ve got a very interesting post for you all today!

Have you ever felt like finding AIP compliant products is difficult? Or expensive? In an attempt to overcome this obstacle, I took a trip to Dollar Tree to see what I could find. Surprisingly, there is actually a handful of options.

Not only could this post be a good resources for many adhering to a tight budget, but there are even a couple products that would be handy keep in your car or purse to ensure you’re never caught off guard and unprepared when hunger strikes.

Side note: My family likes to take a trip to Dollar Tree before heading off to the movies. So if you’re anything like us, some of the snacky items would be a perfect substitute – you could still have something to munch on along with everyone else!

One issue, that I’m sure you’re thinking is about, is the potential lower standard of sourcing and manufacturing. Shopping at Dollar Tree certainly leaves a lot to be desired in that arena since they definitely are not known for quality foods. According to their 2018 Corporate Sustainability Report found here they boast that, “requirements typically exceed those mandated by federal, state and local governments.” They’re using that as a general statement over all their products.

Concerning Palm Oil, ” In recent years, we have established rigorous requirements that our manufacturing partners must abide by with respect to the use of palm oil.” and “Our goal is for 100% compliance with the palm oil policy by 2020.”

Lastly, when discussing their desire to introduce strictly cage-free eggs, “Dollar Tree is committed to working toward a goal of 100% cage-free eggs by the end of 2025 based on available supply, affordability and customer demand.”

… and that’s all the report says on consumables concerning the sourcing, quality and standards. (Don’t forget, eggs are re-intros! And cage-free doesn’t equal quality anyway.)

With that being said, their whole purpose as a business is to operate cheaply and typically cheap doesn’t involve quality. I think we all know what we’re getting into here when purchasing groceries from Dollar Tree. And I don’t mean that as a total bash against their business, I mean that we’re committed to AIP because our health, and sometimes very lives, depends on it. There is a deep focus on nutrient density with the Autoimmune Protocol.

So while, yes, I personally did purchase the freeze dried fruit, and it was absolutely delicious and crunchy, just know the risk of cross contamination could be an issue if you have higher sensitivities.

Let’s get to what I found! 😀

S Brand Himalayan Pink Salt 7.8 oz., $1.00
Ingredients: Himalayan Salt

Butcher Boy 100% Pure Refined Coconut Oil (non-GMO verified) 7.25 oz., $1.00
Ingredients: Coconut Oil

Apple Cider Vinegar 5% Acidity 32 oz., $1.00
Ingredients: Pure Vinegar Made From Apples and Filtered Water

Perfect for a movie snack! ♥

So Natural Freeze Dried Apples .71 oz., $1.00
Ingredients: Apples

*Moderate intake of dried fruits is recommended.

Perfect for a movie snack! ♥

So Natural Freeze Dried Peaches .71 oz., $1.00
Ingredients: Peaches

*Moderate intake of dried fruits is recommended.

Perfect for a movie snack! ♥

So Natural Natural Seedless Raisins 6-Pack of.75 oz. Boxes, $1.00
Ingredients: Seedless Raisins

*Moderate intake of dried fruits is recommended.

TEViVE Herbal Infusions Peppermint Tea 20 Count, $1.00
Ingredients: Pure Natural Peppermint

TEViVE Herbal Infusions Chamomile Tea 12 Count, $1.00
Ingredients: Pure Chamomile

TJ Farms Select Winter Blend 16 oz., $1.00
Ingredients: Broccoli, Cauliflower

TJ Farms Select California Blend 16 oz., $1.00
Ingredients: Broccoli, Califlower, Carrots

Jennifer’s Garden All Natural Asparagus Spears 4.52 oz., $1.00
Ingredients: Asparagus Spear

Jennifer’s Garden Mango Chunks 10 oz., $1.00
Ingredients: Mango

TJ Farms Select Sliced Peaches 12 oz., $1.00
Ingredients: Peaches

*Moderate intake of fruits is recommended.

Assorted Spices and Dried Herbs, $1.00

*See full list of compatible ones here.

Assorted Food Prepping Containers, $1.00

So tell me, what are you thoughts on Dollar Tree? It certainly is a strange place to find AIP compatible foods. 😉

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As someone who struggles with thyroid disease and adrenal fatigue, Jordan knows that a healthy lifestyle is forever a work in progress but completely crucial to her well being. She is eager to share her journey so YOU may be motivated to seek healing for yourself and enjoy wellness from the inside out! ♥

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