Today marks 10 days that I’ve been 100% AIP compliant!

My cravings haven’t been all that bad but my mind likes to tell me I’m hungry when I’m not. In fact, I messaged a friend, as I was drinking water the other afternoon, complaining about being tired of feeling hungry and then five minutes after I messaged again saying never mind. I guess I was just thirsty. The body and mind plays some weird games.

Hunger games…

*SNORT* mom joke.

So today, I’m going to talk about one of the most annoying hypo symptoms I have: plantar fasciitis.

How AIP is Healing My Hypothyroid Symptom: Plantar Fasciitis

Photo Credit: Mayo Clinic

What is plantar fasciitis?

Plantar fasciitis is inflammation to the plantar fascia ligament, which is the one attached to the heel bone and is the largest ligament in the human body. This inflammation is caused by strain that ultimately causes a microscopic tear.

Those with this issue feel pain in the heel, typically first thing in the morning, as well as soreness and tightness in the bottom of the foot. (1) That’s putting it nicely. It’s actually quite excruciating.

What causes plantar fasciitis?

Basically any sort of repetitive strain can cause this damage but most commonly from excessive running, walking or standing without the proper foot gear. My issues started when I worked as a front end manager for Hobby Lobby and wore flats with my professional attire. Flats tore my feet up and began my struggle with this issue.

Fast forward a bit, I quit that job, had a baby then started running at 6 weeks postpartum in shoes that were just what I had laying around at home. Within a couple weeks I was running 3-8 miles per day with bad foot gear and that was when my serious foot issues began.

You can read my post here about the 5 rookie mistakes I made when I first started running, poor shoe choices being the biggest mistake. Now, I am very careful as to what shoes I wear because just wearing any old shoe (especially flip flops) will cause severe pain when walking first thing the following morning.

So how does Hypothyroidism fit in with all of this?

The blog Thyroid Shop says it best, “The plantar fascia is composed of mostly collagen, but also elastin and long carbohydrates chains called glycosaminoglycans, or GAGs. Thyroid hormone secretes collagen, elastin and GAGs, all substances important in connective tissue structure. Low levels of thyroid hormone result in the overproduction of these substances, particularly GAGs, which attract water. Increased deposits of GAGs and the additional water increase the space between the collagen fibers. This disrupts the collagen network and compromises the integrity of the plantar fascia structure. The weakening of the plantar fascia increases it’s susceptibility to microscopic tears.” (2)

How AIP is Healing My Hypothyroid Symptom: Plantar Fasciitis

October 2013: When I used to wear a brace.

In a nut shell, I had the perfect storm going on to get a whopping case of plantar fasciitis. And it’s still to this day something I struggle with. However, there are a few things I now do to manage the severity of it.

How do I manage my plantar fasciitis pain?

1.) My foot issues date back to 2012 so I’ve had lots trial and error to figure out exactly what works for me. I’ve tried various braces, wraps, shoe inserts, creams, socks and stretches. I’ve iced, elevated and massaged (well, my husband has massaged). 😉 But NOTHING has worked like this simple foot roller.

*I never did go as far as getting steroid shots, although that has been an option.

How AIP is Healing My Hypothyroid Symptom: Plantar Fasciitis

Every morning I wake up, hobble, crackle and pop over to the couch and firmly roll my foot out. Ahhhhhh… relief. With each roll, I feel the small bones of my feet pop and the muscles and ligaments relax. After about 5 minutes on each foot of back and forth, back and forth, working each area of my foot, I’m able to walk like a normal person again.

2) Of course, AIP fits into all of this too since the diet is primarily about reducing inflammation of all kinds in the body. As I mentioned before, I’m currently on day ten and have finally noticed a decrease in my P.F. pain but it actually got much worse on day three and four (the first 3-5 days of the Autoimmune Protocol diet is when your body detoxes and I think my body was just throwing a fit). Honestly, I was tempted to run limp to comfort food.

How AIP is Healing My Hypothyroid Symptom: Plantar Fasciitis

Reduced facial puffiness at day nine of AIP (“Now” photo taken: 8/28/18)

I’m on the other side of all of that now and look forward to waking up one morning and not having to use my roller. My goal is by day 30 of AIP but we’ll see. I can’t show you the slight positive difference in how my feet feel with a picture but I can show you the reduced puffiness of my face. It’s actually a perfect example of just how effective this diet is in a matter of days. Pretty incredible! I’m confident, with the results I’ve seen thus far, that AIP will be the answer to my P.F. woes.

3.) Lastly, I like to sprinkle turmeric into just about any recipe I make. Turmeric has some serious anti inflammatory properties to it (that all you science-y nerds can read about here) and I find that actually does help. When I’ve forgotten turmeric for a few days, I notice more of a P.F. flare up than normal.

Side note, I’ve tried to make turmeric gummies and milk but it tastes like disgusting dried river bottom dirt so I keep it to a sprinkle in my meal or recipe (preferred method) or pills (which I never remember to take). Just thought I’d warn you. 😀

Plantar fasciitis pain is the absolute worse so I hope something in the post helps to inspire you to begin a journey of healing. If you have other P.F. pain management tips, drop them in the comments section below! ♥

Products mentioned that I actually use and love:

Foot Roller


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As someone who struggles with thyroid disease and adrenal fatigue, Jordan knows that a healthy lifestyle is forever a work in progress but completely crucial to her well being. She is eager to share her journey so YOU may be motivated to seek healing for yourself and enjoy wellness from the inside out! ♥

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Holy cow! I had no idea this is related to hypo! I have this too!


Hi. Thanks for the info. Any update on PA pain?