I’ve arrived at Day 7 of the AIP elimination phase.

Seven days really feels more like seven weeks.

My kids happily ate Chik-fil-A in front of me the other day so I’d say my willpower is at a solid ‘tough as nails’ level right now but it hasn’t been easy. Before AIP, my diet was about 70% Paleo.. so going 100% AIP means no delicious Chik-fil-A Deluxe Sandwich, hold the pickles, and a lemonade for me.. my personal fav. 😉 *drool*

Day One: Was a little tired by the afternoon but I had a good friend over who is also AIP so this day went fast.

Day Two: Slept well and felt rested. My friend was staying for the weekend and it was actually fun eating AIP together.

Day Three: Friend left. Cravings kicked in.

Day Four: Migraine level 1,000,000

Day Five: Thought headache would go away.

Day Six: It did not.

Day Seven: Today, my head hurts only a little. I think I’ve figured out it’s because I’m not eating enough calories each day. Otherwise, I’m feeling good. Much of the puffiness is receding from my face and my body isn’t as achy as it normally it.

Let’s get on with the Day on a Plate…

Each week I post about REAL MEALS, made by me, that I actually eat. Hopefully, this will help you realize that the work you do in the kitchen doesn’t need to be fancy or complicated because, well, life. And don’t get me wrong, taste is my first priority so just because I’m eating healthy food doesn’t mean I’m choking down nasty stuff.

Here are a few Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner pictures from over the past week. All taken with my iPhone. All very easy. They’re Paleo and Whole30 compliant… and now they’re even AIP! 😀

Breakfast: Homemade AIP “cereal” in coconut milk.

*This is a little something my good friend Adam, of AdamImmune, and I are cooking up. It tastes absolutely delicious! The recipe/cooking instructions aren’t ready to share yet but I encourage you to get creative in the kitchen. You never know what yumminess you’ll stumble across. 😉 When it’s just perfect, I’ll tell you all about it. ♥

Lunch: Sweet Potato Puree, Pineapple & Cabbage/Broccoli/Beef Saute with Coconut Aminos

Snack: Coconut Cream & Pineapple Ice Cream

Dinner: Lemon Garlic & Dill Weed Chicken, Sauteed Garden Fresh Spinach & Pineapple

You’re probably thinking my fruit intake is a bit high and, yes, it is. However, pineapple was .88 at Kroger haha so I couldn’t resist. Also, eating fruit keeps me from feeling too deprived during the hardest days so there are times I eat it to keep from consuming something non compliant. My goal is to transition off that dependency and eat fruit mainly for breakfast. The transition into AIP for me was essentially cold turkey so in my opinion, if it takes a bit of time to get it perfect, that’s ok.

If you’re in the beginning stages of AIP, my advice would be to extend to yourself grace upon grace. ♥ We are doing what most of American cannot! We’re tough, we have grit, we value our bodies and health. Realizing at day three that my headache was so bad, I cleared my calendar for the week. The grace I showed myself was to take it easy, take a bath, wear sweatpants, eat pineapple. If you are an experienced AIPer, what are some of your tricks to self comfort?

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As someone who struggles with thyroid disease and adrenal fatigue, Jordan knows that a healthy lifestyle is forever a work in progress but completely crucial to her well being. She is eager to share her journey so YOU may be motivated to seek healing for yourself and enjoy wellness from the inside out! ♥

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