Cypress Skincare Face & Hair Love Review + GIVEAWAY!

I’m so thankful to Patti of Cypress Skincare! She reached out to me about reviewing her products at the exact time I began researching various skin and hair products to try.

Not only did Patti sponsor this review (thank you!!), she’s offering a FREE bottle of Cypress Skincare Hair Love and Face Love to one (1) lucky winner! More details on the giveaway are listed below.

Those with hypothyroidism – like me – know just how much a lack of thyroid hormones can zap skin of life, deepen wrinkles and cause such dryness. Hair takes a beating too! If it’s not falling out, it’s full of static, dull and dry. (View a check-list here of hair, skin and nail symptoms of thyroid disease.) So I’m thrilled to try this brand!

So let’s begin the review…

Cypress Skincare Hair Love.

Upon opening the bottle, it smells like, well, an oil but it also has a hint of orange. It’s faint and not unappealing. The ingredients are: 100% almond, olive, cold pressed coconut oil with organic essential oil.

Simple enough.

The instructions say to use twice weekly as a deep conditioner before shampooing or very small amounts daily after shampooing. I went with the first option. My hair dresser said to only use oil on the ends of the hair and not the scalp because it can clog pores and cause irritation.

I did this twice per week for four weeks.

What I noticed is that the dryness did decrease as did the static. However, it would take quite a bit of shampoo to wash it out. I wouldn’t necessarily say that’s a bad thing but I could tell that my hair would lay heavier, with less bounce to it, if I didn’t very thoroughly wash it out.

Overall, I liked it. I’m going to drop down to once per week just to see if it helps with the heaviness in my hair. According to my stylist, the heaviness comes from over conditioning hair when the hair just isn’t in need of that much. As with everything, I think finding balance is important. I felt good knowing I was nourishing my hair with wholesome ingredients! So I’m simply going to work on finding the right amounts for my hair type.

Cypress Skincare Face Love.

Cypress Skincare Face & Hair Love Review + GIVEAWAY!

Before (Left) and After (Right)

This one I’m so excited about! My skin must have been starved for moisture and nutrition!

On the left, you’ll see how deep my wrinkles appeared around my eyes and forehead and how dramatically improved it is on the right. Please note that some of the blotchy spots in the after picture is from my t3 hormone dipping too low. I got some blood work back that surprised me quite a bit but it is what it is. It’s affecting the smooth look of my skin but I just try to focus on how trashed my skin would look if I wasn’t using Cypress Skincare Face Love as consistently as I do. The bags under my eyes have improved too!

The ingredients of Face Love are: 100% organic almond, cold pressed coconut, olive, hemp and jojoba oil with cypress essential oil. The ingredients say to massage twice daily all over face, neck and eye area. The dispenser can squirt out way too much at times so be careful to pump slowly and gently if you decide to purchase a bottle.

I followed the instructions exactly for 30 days and it did not disappoint.

To close out my review…

I give the Cypress Skincare Hair Love a score of 7/10 (Could go up after I get the heaviness figured out!) and Cypress Skincare Face Love a 9/10 (Super loved it! Maybe a slower dispenser could make it a perfect 10!).

If you’re interested in checking out this product for yourself, visit the Cypress Skincare website here. Patti has so many wonderful skin, body and hair care products to choose from and they’re all organic and plant based. 😀

How to enter this giveaway…

    • This giveaway is open to U.S. residents only.
    • One (1) winner will be selected and mailed one (1) Cypress Skincare Face Love and one (1) Cypress Skincare Hair Love.
    • Enter by commenting on this post – Easy!
    • One entry per person. Honesty policy, please.
    • Do not re-blog this giveaway without consent. Giveaway is for Healthy Fat & Fit readers only.
    • Winner will be chosen at random then contacted using the e-mail address used to comment.
    • Winner will be given 48 hours to acknowledge and provide mailing information.
    • If there’s no response within 48 hours, a new winner will be selected and contacted.
    • Once the winner has replied with mailing information, he/she will be congratulated on this post.
    • Giveaway ends 4/5/19 at 12:00am (CST). – Giveaway has ended!

The winner will be announced soon!

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As someone who struggles with thyroid disease and adrenal fatigue, Jordan knows that a healthy lifestyle is forever a work in progress but completely crucial to her well being. She is eager to share her journey so YOU may be motivated to seek healing for yourself and enjoy wellness from the inside out! ♥

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cherie holt
cherie holt

I’m interested in your products. I’ll research them on your blog…

Virginie L
Virginie L

Thank you for sharing!

Lorraine F
Lorraine F

Patti is such a sweet lady! I have had the pleasure of trying all of her wonderful oils, and I love them all! I also especially love Face Love!


Thank you for sharing! I’m definitely checking out the skin care.

Cecilia H.
Cecilia H.

Will definitely check these products out. Thank you!


Wow! I’m going to be looking into Face Love!

Lynda K
Lynda K

I would like recommend these products, especially if you have special health issues. Please enter me in the giveaway.