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Here are my favorite resources for all things AIP! Hopefully you’ll find that it will arm you with the knowledge and courage to begin your own journey – there’s something here to inspire just about anyone! Starting such a restricted elimination diet, which is what the Autoimmune Protol Diet is, can feel overwhelming but, trust me, it’s a worth it effort. 

What is AIP?

To put it simply, the Autoimmune Protocol diet is a two-phase program designed to first eliminate inflammatory foods from the diet in order to support the body’s natural ability to heal then reintroduce foods individually to gauge how your immune system responds.

As a reminder, my blog is intended to inspire you through the documentation of my own AIP journey so I’ll link to what the pioneers of this field, the experts, define the Autoimmune Protocol (AIP) diet as…

AIP Friendly YouTube Channels + Helpful Videos

Adam of Adamimmune

Stacey of RealWorldAIP

Deepa Berar

Michele Spring

AIP Friendly Podcats

Healing Protocols Podcast
Phoenix Helix Podcast
Revolution Health Radio
The Autoimmune Wellness Podcast
The Paleo View Podcast
Unbound Healing Podcast

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