What I Look Like After Falling Off the AIP Wagon + 3 Positive Affirmations

Sometimes life treats my world like a big fat snow globe and gives me a good shake – and that’s exactly what’s happened with my family over the past couple weeks! We made the very tough decision, with just two weeks left before school was scheduled to start, to move to a town about an hour away from what I’ve called home for over 20 years. It was a crazy whirlwind but we’re here, we’re getting settled, our daughter was successfully enrolled in the local private school and life is smoothing out once again, thank goodness. But with all the chaos, want to take a guess as to what suffered?

My food choices.

And it shows.

Take a look at my face.

What I Look Like After Falling Off the AIP Wagon + 3 Positive Affirmations

What I Look Like After Falling Off the AIP Wagon + 3 Positive Affirmations

What I Look Like After Falling Off the AIP Wagon + 3 Positive Affirmations

The pictures are not edited, altered or filtered.

I don’t care that they’re not flattering. My skin is full of breakouts, my neck is swollen, my eyes are puffy and dark, sinuses congested and eyes droopy.

These pictures are reality.

They’re PROOF of a internal problem manifesting in a physical way.

But what you can’t see is how I feel, which is sick. All. The. Time.

I’ve listed my symptoms before but I’ll do so again so that, as my AIP journey continues, I can mark off what is no longer an issue for me. My goal is to eventually be completely symptom free and in complete remission from my Hypothyroidism! Bonus: I’ve added 3 positive affirmations to the bottom of this post to help me, and hopefully you as well, to stay back on track with the Autoimmune Protocol diet.

*Read about my hypo story here.

My Current Autoimmune Symptoms

Memory Loss

Plantar Fasciitis

Buffalo Hump

Premature Wrinkly Hands

Love Handles

Portuding Belly

Black Hairs on Face


Constant Yawning

Trouble Staying Asleep

Nighttime Anxiety

40lbs of Extra Weight

Slow Hair Growth

No Desire to Dress Up

Low Labido

Feeling Overwhelmed Easily


Running into Door Frames

Driving Confusion



Dry Skin

Overall Lack of Motivation

Brain Fog

Lapses in Awareness


Stiff Joints

Slow Heart Rate

Head Rushes


So here I am, at day three of the Autoimmune Protocol diet. I like to think of this program as one big science experiment composed of controlled variables (AIP “yes” foods). Once a contaminant is introduced (off plan food choices), the whole experiment has been compromised and needs to be completely brought back to square one.

I took various body measurements and my weight in order to gauge my inflammation and track progress but I’ll discuss that in a future post. To be clear, this diet is about healing and not about weight loss! 🙂

What I Look Like After Falling Off the AIP Wagon + 3 Positive Affirmations

Breakfast: Ground Bison & Coconut Aminos, Strawberries, Avocado + Carrots

But, even though I’ve had to start over, I’m back at it with a positive attitude and determination to continue my journey of healing. I’ve even decided to go pretty hardcore too and added some beef liver to my diet! My three year old son tried it and immediately said, “Mom, liver makes me shiver.” And then he refused to eat any more haha

What I Look Like After Falling Off the AIP Wagon + 3 Positive Affirmations

Lunch: Liver & Vegetable Stew, Strawberries, Sweet Potato Chips + Guac

Unfortunately, liver gave me a stomach ache, similarly (but not as extreme) to what mushrooms do. So far I’ve eaten liver three times and each time has resulted in the same upset stomach so I think I’ll have to find a different offal to introduce.

I may wait a month and give it another try just to make absolutely sure the stomach issues aren’t stemming from something else. The taste, to me, isn’t all that bad so hopefully trying again is a success.

What I Look Like After Falling Off the AIP Wagon + 3 Positive Affirmations

Snack: Strawberry, Banana & Avocado Popsicle

So I bought these fun little Zipzicle thingys at Hyvee the other day and absolutely love them. They hold quite a bit too, which is nice! They’ve got me thinking about coming up with an all-in-one protein/fat/low carb concoction for a quick, easy breakfast. For now though, I simply blend up strawberries, bananas and avocado into a smoothie mixture then poor it in and freeze. Suuuuuper easy! (And my kids love them too.)

What I Look Like After Falling Off the AIP Wagon + 3 Positive Affirmations

Lazy Supper: Sweet Potato Chips & Guac + Spindrift Sparking Water (Grapefruit)

After dirtying up about every dish in the house for breakfast, lunch and snack, I finished with a lazy dinner of sweet potato chips and guac. And of course, my absolute FAVORITE variety of Spindrift – grapefruit! ♥

Occasionally, my mind throws a pity party about having to eat like this but I’ve decided to try some positive affirmations to keep my head space where it needs to be for success. Here they are:

3 Positive AIP Affirmations

  • I am beyond blessed to have the opportunity to eat this way.
  • Every cell in my body is healing with every healthy meal I eat.
  • Three months from now doesn’t have to feel sick like today. The choice is mine.

Are there any affirmations you use? Drop them in the comments! ♥

Products Mentioned and/or Used:

Bragg’s Coconut Aminos

Beef Liver

Jackson’s Sweet Potato Chips


Spindrift Sparkling Water

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As someone who struggles with thyroid disease and adrenal fatigue, Jordan knows that a healthy lifestyle is forever a work in progress but completely crucial to her well being. She is eager to share her journey so YOU may be motivated to seek healing for yourself and enjoy wellness from the inside out! ♥

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Yes! Yes! Thank you! I am working so hard to heal my gut issues which I know will transform the other issues. It is so much work to eat right and well, but as you said, ” I am thankful I can eat this way.” I did not eat correctly yesterday, so have been ill today. I know the path but sometimes stray…and pay. Please keep sharing. You are an inspiration!


You are a Work in progress and thank you so much for sharing your “humanness”. Way to go with getting back on the AIP wagon! I continue to use AIP and Paleo- and yes do slip up sometimes and pay the same way. Good Luck and God Bless ❤️🙏🏻😁🤗