AIP Meal Plan: 1/21/19 – 1/27/19 (Bacon me CRAZZZZY!)

Wow, we’re already at week three of my new meal plan + prep posts! And guess what?! We have BACON on the menu!

But first, I have some shame to admit.

Three of my meals this past week were not AIP compliant – THREE! I would say I’m upset with myself but I made the conscience decision to cheat so I don’t exactly have the right to claim that. The good news is, the only side affects I seem to have had was *ahem* …. excessive flatulence…. bloat, nightmares (weird) and a minor headache.

My struggle…

Being social is the hardest part of this diet for me. I attend various dinners, events, church functions, school programs, etc. and they all seem to revolve around food!  Which, isn’t necessarily an issue unless you’re on a strict elimination diet.

I’ve learned how to keep AIP from stealing my happiness, as I talk about here (When Autoimmune Disease & Food Elimination Diets Steal Your Happiness), but occasionally the stars align (stress, pms, committing to too much, lack of quality sleep) and my defenses get down, way down, which causes me to have moments of weakness..

What now?

So right now, I’m at the crossroads of a very pivotal moment: I can either continue to cheat OR pick myself back up, get my mind right, and continue on with gratitude in my heart that I’m continually learning. I’m learning how strong I am, how dedicated I am to my health and that I’ll fall a thousand times but never stay down.

I’ll go with door number two, thank you very much.

Friends, slipping up with AIP isn’t the end of the world. It isn’t failure.

It’s what you do next that defines your health journey.

Before I go any further, if you are super new to AIP and need How-To tips on meal preppingvisit my original post. That article goes into detail on exactly how to do this. Going forward, I’ll assume folks know my basic meal plan + prep concepts so I’ll just be discussing my latest meal plan and some updates on how the week prior went for me.

Again, if you need some help on how to start a meal plan and prepping, go here.

Updates on Habit Tracker: 1/14/19 – 1/20/19…

AIP Meal Plan: 1/21/19 – 1/27/19 (Bacon me CRAZZZZY!)

AIP Meal Plan: 1/21/19 – 1/27/19 (Bacon me CRAZZZZY!)

Updates on Meal Plan: 1/14/19 – 1/20/19…

  • The barbacoa bowl was the bees knees and I’ll definitely be rotating that back into a future meal plan. It really made me feel like I was eating normal food!
  • I topped my breakfast muffins with things like coconut butter, tigernut butter and honey and wow, the honey was absolutely DELICIOUS. Eating them plain tasted a bit dry so I’m super glad I found something to jazz them up.
  • Weight on 1/13/19: 158.8lbs Weight on 1/20/19: 159.4lbs Total Inflammation Gained: +.6lbs This isn’t a surprise to me since I cheated three times. It’s not actual weight but water retention, which comes on fast due to my hypothyroid.
  • Check out my habit tracker (pictured above)! It’s not as beautifully filled out as it was last week due to my off-plan indulgences but regardless, I look forward to checking each action off that I successfully complete for the day. You can go here to snag this AIP Meal Plan & Habit Tracker (blank) worksheet for yourself. You. Will. Love. It.

Meal Plan: 1/21/19 – 1/27/19…

In order to get myself back on track this week, I’m filling my menu up with extra tasty recipes. This is not the time for me to force down things I’m not thrilled about because getting back on track is hard enough after falling off the wagon.

So my theme is BACON ME CRAZY!! ♥

AIP Meal Plan: 1/21/19 – 1/27/19 (Bacon me CRAZZZZY!)

*Notice how I completely took running off my AIP Meal Plan & Habit Tracker for this upcoming week. I’ve noticed it’s been making me extra tired, which tells me it may have added to my weakness with cravings. To give myself the best chance at successfully staying AIP compliant this week, I’ve decided not to jog. 


  1. Morning Smoothie – Instead of berries, I bought a peach, strawberry, pineapple and mango fruit mix.
  2. Sweet Plantain Waffles – This was on my 1/7 Meal Plan and here it is again! Because it’s delicious in every way, easy to make and something I looked forward to each morning so I think it will help me stay on track.


  1. Creamy Roasted Cauliflower Soup – I’ll be topping the soup with chives and bacon bits.
  2. Fried Cabbage with Bacon


  1. Wild Zora Meat & Veggie Bars
  2. Jackson’s Honest Sweet Potato Chips
  3. I also have oranges, apples, bananas and Lindsay’s Natural Olives on hand.


  1. Meatloaf – I bought some frozen pre-chopped and cooked organic sweet potatoes as a side.
  2. Bacon Ranch Chicken Poppers – I also bought frozen broccoli bits as a side for this meal.

Here’s an up close view of my menu items…

AIP Meal Plan: 1/21/19 – 1/27/19 (Bacon me CRAZZZZY!)

AIP Meal Plan: 1/21/19 – 1/27/19 (Bacon me CRAZZZZY!)

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Happy meal prepping, fellow AIP-ers! ♥

Some of the products I used for this Meal Plan:

AIP Meal Plan & Habit Tracker (blank)

The Happy Planner Sticker Sheets

Pro Vegetable and Onion Chopper by Mueller
*I cannot recommend this tool enough!

Enther Meal Prep 2-Compartment Containers
*These are plastic but you can view glass ones here.

2 oz. Plastic Cups + Lids (100ct)

Jackson’s Honest Sweet Potato Chips

Wild Zora Meat & Veggie Bars

Lindsay’s Natural Olives

AIP Sugar-Free Bacon
*Under the AIP cetagory.

Wholly Chunky Guacamole Minis

The Beet Lady Real Vitamin C

Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides

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As someone who struggles with thyroid disease and adrenal fatigue, Jordan knows that a healthy lifestyle is forever a work in progress but completely crucial to her well being. She is eager to share her journey so YOU may be motivated to seek healing for yourself and enjoy wellness from the inside out! ♥

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