AIP Meal Plan & Habit Tracker

If you’re seeking health and healing through the Autoimmune Protocol diet, then keep reading because this AIP Meal Plan & Habit Tracker is such a valuable resource for beginners and beyond.


Because, with all the wonderful things one can do to promote health and healing, sometimes it can be hard to keep track of all those little daily habits that turn mere plans into accomplished goals.

Wouldn’t it be nice to look back and see how far you’ve come?

How awesome would it be to literally track the remission of your symptoms!

With this tracker, you can see at a glance just how successful the week has been and when the last time was that a particular effort was completed. Plus, delicious meals are easily penciled in and organized which, when paired with weekly batch cooking, takes the daily brain work out of what to eat each day. (This aspect of the tracker is particularly exciting for those in the elimination phase of AIP because meals can be difficult to plan when grinding through the detox phase.)

About The AIP Meal Plan & Habit Tracker

  • Covers one week at a time in order to completely avoid the feeling of being overwhelmed.
  • Tracks water intake to ensure healthy hydration and to give a visual of daily progression.
  • Has a daily medication check-off to reduce the risk of forgetting crucial medicine.
  • Outlines each meal, plus a snack, for each day of the week to promote exceptional nutrition.
  • Contains 14 lines of healthy habit space designed to move you closer toward your goals.
  • Offers a notes section for writing down the highs and lows of your AIP journey in order to reflect.
  • Includes unlimited access + unlimited prints for just $1.99! 



About The Author

Jordan Candido is the author behind the blog, Healthy Fat & Fit, where she shares recipes and tips that help her along her Autoimmune Protocol journey. She is passionate about dissecting the exact reasons why it’s hard to follow such a strict elimination diet. Then, she works towards solving those problems so that AIP can become a reality for others. Jordan understands that true, cell-deep healing can only be accomplished by taking small steps at a time and remaining consistent.

After having a thyroid lobectomy in 2006, Jordan began to suffer from over thirty major symptoms of Hypothyroidism. After dealing with hormonal issues for far too long, she took it upon herself to create balance through nutrient dense food choices instead of relying solely on the medical “advice” of doctors. She’s wife of one true love and mother of two beautiful children. ♥


How does the unlimited access work?
Once the download has been purchased and e-mailed to you, simply save the PDF document to your computer. Please do not share it with others. Instead, it’s asked that you direct friends and family to this page. Thank you for your support!

I see the document is in color, can I print it in Black and White?
Absolutely! Simply change the settings on the print page before printing.

Why charge for this download?
The proceeds of your $1.99 purchase goes directly to the Healthy Fat & Fit author, Jordan Candido. Projects like this help defray the costs of creating AIP-compliant recipes and publishing them on this blog. Your support is deeply appreciated.

Are there any FREE downloads available?
Yes! The downloads below provide an easy visual that shows exactly which ingredients are a “yes”, meaning fully compliant during the elimination phase of AIP, OR a “no”, meaning not compliant during the elimination phase.

This list will grow as more are created…

AIP Meal Plan & Habit Tracker

Unlimited Access + Unlimited Prints for JUST $1.99