Me and my hunky husband, Fall 2016 ♥

Hello there! My name is Jordan and welcome to my blog, Healthy Fat & Fit!

If you’re new to the world of healthy living, my goal is to support your desire to have a healthier life and encourage you to become more fit, especially if you’re struggling with thyroid disease. [You can read my thyroid story here.]

If I’m to be honest, this is something that will probably forever be a work in progress for me. But I’ve had to realize and be okay with the fact that never giving up is a crucial part of my story. More importantly, I’ve also learned that failure is therefore an equal part of the process as well. Constantly striving toward self improvement, a positive head-space and physical well being is key for my life as I navigate Hypothyroidism.

My first half marathon – 2016 – I was so proud of the sticker I earned for my vehicle! ♥

Here on Health Fat & Fit, you’ll find posts that will demonstrate exactly what a full day of healthy eating looks like, what fitness gear and products to use/not use and you’ll even receive practical healthy lifestyle advice. Also, I’ll encourage you swap old habits for new ones, teach you about foods (like healthy fat!), and show you what has worked for me – such as how to eat a bunch of greens without tasting it! Win win, am I right? 😉

The trillion-dollar health and fitness industry can be confusing and people incessantly try diet after diet without long-term success. Yet, most of America is completely unhealthy or over weight (or both!).

So why is that?

I’m not a nutrition expert and I’m not a trainer or coach. But I do have Hypothyroidism (my thyroid lobectomy was done in 2006) and I deal with ongoing emotional eating tendencies stemming from childhood. So, to answer the America over weight question, I can only do so through the lens of what my own struggles have taught me: It is crucial to change your mindset completely when it comes to food. There is no quick fix for healing, which means you must be willing to put in the work and consistency it takes. That means, you have to get back up and start again after each and every failure.

After all, food is fuel and medicine.. and at least 80% of your well being!

Update: I have recently started the Autoimmune Protocol (AIP) Diet. Read more about that here.

Me (in blue), with my friend Hannah, at the start line of my 2nd half marathon. The race was in Buena Vista, CO and was an absolutely beautiful run through the mountains! ♥

My intentions with this blog are to be very transparent and very raw about life, eating and food in order to pass along any knowledge to you, my dear friend, that I may have gleaned from my journey so far. My goal is to encourage you to find healing by helping you implement fresh, healthy habits. 😀

For example, finding the grit in myself to run my first half marathon was a pivotal moment in my life. I collapsed into my husbands arms mere feet after the finish line in physical agony but with tears of joy! What an accomplishment for someone with thyroid disease (and all the symptoms that come with it), depression and self confidence issues.

That moment, that second my foot crossed over the finish line, was an unexplainable rush of thousands of emotions. My heart beat loudly in my ears, my throat closed up and I choked on my tears as my husband supported the weight of me in his arms. My breath was so ragged from emotion that bystanders were concerned it was from physical pain. But that had all faded. No, this was because of such emotional triumph!

I will never forget that feeling. In fact, it was so meaningful that I tucked away that raw feeling deep within my heart and held it there in secret. I’ve not shared that side of my first half marathon experience until now. In that moment, I felt the chains of thyroid disease along with all the emotional trauma I’ve endured begin to shatter. In that moment, I knew for the very first time that it IS possible to truly be free and in control of my health and life.

My sincere hope is that YOU can find this feeling for yourself, if you haven’t already. But in the meantime, I pray you’ll obtain useful information from my product reviews, Day on a Plate posts, the running and fitness category as well as healthy lifestyle tips & tricks.

So let myself and others support you through your own journey and get involved NOW in the Healthy Fat & Fit community! Here’s how..