Me and my hunky husband, Fall 2016 ♥

Hello there! My name is Jordan and welcome to my blog, Healthy Fat & Fit!

My goal is to support your desire to have a healthier life and encourage you to become more fit, especially if you’re struggling with Hypothyroidism – like me! Here you’ll find tips on how to implement fresh, healthy habits and begin to heal your autoimmune disease through the Autoimmune Protocol (AIP) Diet. [Read my thyroid story here.]

If I’m to be honest, this is something that will probably forever be a work in progress for me. But I’ve had to realize and be okay with the fact that never giving up is a crucial part of my story. More importantly, I’ve also learned that failure is therefore an equal part of the process as well. Constantly striving toward self improvement, a positive head-space and physical well being is key for my life as I navigate my health issues.

I’m not a nutrition expert and I’m not a trainer or coach. But I do have Hypothyroidism (my thyroid lobectomy was done in 2006), adrenal fatigue and I deal with ongoing emotional eating tendencies stemming from childhood. Instead of solely relying on the advice of doctors, I’ve decided to take health and nutrition into my own hands and document it here.

My intentions with this blog are to be very transparent and very raw about the ups and downs of life on the Autoimmune Protocol (AIP) diet. Thank you for stopping by and I sure hope you stick around!